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Full Stack Engineer REMOTO

Tipo de contrato: Permanente

Jornada laboral: Tiempo completo

Rango salarial: Negociable

Publicado: 08/09/2021

Ubicación: Guadalajara, Jalisco (México)

Descripción de la vacante

We are looking for a Senior Full Stack Engineer to join our Engineering team that can build highly performant, scalable and testable applications for browsers and connected devices using web technologies to provide APIs and tools to analyze and interact with geographical data from a computer, tablet or phone.

What you’ll do:
● Design, build and maintain web applications that allow users to interact and collaborate around geographical data in real-time
● Render and interact with 3D data on the web
● Design, build and maintain services that provide information for our user-facing applications
● Design, build and maintain services for Internet-connected devices to be used in the field as standalone processing machines
● Design, build and maintain data processing engines that integrate to a high volume data processing pipeline.
● Measure and optimize systems by tracking their performance in real world usage
● Work with Machine Learning, photogrammetry and computer vision teams to bring new information and insight to the user
● Work with our mobile team to create services and applications that can share information between native mobile and web apps
● Work with our product team to define and build the features that will bring more value to our customers

Requisitos de la vacante

What we are looking for:
● Experience writing performant, scalable, testable and well-documented Javascript (ES6+)
● Experience in Node.js (back end), reactjs (front end)
● Experience using Docker
● Experience deploying to cloud services like AWS, GCP, Azure
● Experience integrating code with continuous integration systems
● Experience in Unit testing
● Experience debugging and profiling applications
● Good understanding of application architecture and algorithm optimization
● Accountable and reliable
● Focus on problem solving
● Proficient communication skills
● Fluent in both written and spoken English

Preferred qualifications:
● Knowledge in AWS Infrastructure usage such as:
○ EC2
○ Lambda functions (serveless)
● Experience in continuous delivery
Qualifications considered a plus:
● Experience as Technical Team Lead
● Experience working with 3D and 3D modeling files (pointclouds, 3D meshes, etc)
● Experience instrumenting and tracking applications in production using tools like Sentry, Keen and Datadog


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